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A man of my word

Integrity is important to me because I was raised by parents who taught me that a man’s word and actions are what define him. I consider my parents to be role models and it was always instilled in me “to always do the right thing even if it may not be the most popular decision and show respect to others.”    

Integrity in St. Maarten Parliament is a Must!

Members are elected to office to work in the best interest of the public, independent from private interest and not to abuse their authority to gain wealth and position for themselves or their cronies. In addition, strongly opposes corruption. Based on past and recent development that have unfolded it is clear that integrity needs to be restored (introduced) in our parliament. The lack of integrity displayed by a significant number of leaders has contributed to our current state, a nation where poverty is on the rise, our educational system is in a crisis, a serious distrust among our Kingdom partners, and delay in developments in every sector of our economy. 


URSM – United Resilient Sint Maarten Movement was forged by fire! The fire of passion to see and realize a legitimate and real change in the political landscape of Soualiga. The politics of the movement is not in fact at the center of this passion – but more so the desire to exude such a difference in leadership aptitude, that it effortlessly translates to tangible results for every inhabitant. We are ever cognizant that the bedrock of change must be channeled through our leadership, and that each member of this movement, is a leader in his/her own right. Being able to hone the skills of effective leadership, through a display of appropriate behaviors and competencies, lay at the foundation of this movement.

To this end, the URSM holds close to its mantra the following core values and competencies, being principles that each member commits to live by.

Core Values

Core values in general represent the principles and beliefs of the movement. The URSM has adopted the following core values:


The ability to understand others, to sense their current state and to identify with this.



The ability to recognize mistakes, process them and be in the constant state of learning from those mistakes. A receptive mind to the opinion of others requires humility.



Acceptance of others, regardless of their position in life, is at the core of respect. Ascribing value to all persons, regardless of their opinion on a matter, and ensuring that our differences do not divide us.



Appropriate and timely communication is the foundation of transparency. Using principles of empathy and strong communication skills, ensure that persons are well informed and can take required actions, where and when necessary. Transparency also provides opportunities for leaders to gain feedback.



The focus on the individual needs of persons – and by extension the needs of our communities at large, without subtracting the inherent value of those persons and communities. Inclusion means the respect of all persons for the needs they identify, and being willing and able to address those needs, even if they do not align with our expectations or imagination.



This value speaks of acknowledging and accepting ownership, despite of the outcome. It flows into taking responsibility for words, actions and even beliefs. The principle of accountability should have no end and no beginning, it includes holistic acceptance of ones actions and outcomes.


Integrity encapsulates all the core values, and executing them in a consistent, coherent and tangible manner.

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