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Richinel Brug

"If you give a little more than you take
if you try to fix more than you break
If you're the kind who takes the time
To help a stranger in the rain
There's a place for people like U and I in this world."

"If you stand up for those down on their knees
And lend a voice to those who cannot speak
If you shine a little light and give sight
To the ones who've lost their way
There's a place for people like U and I on the URSM."

It is with great honor that I Richinel Brug inform you that I have joined the movement. I have joined the URSM. 

Those of you who know me, know that I am a humble and loyal servant of my country. Integrity honesty and character are values that I live by. These are the same values the URSM is founded on and intends to instill back in our communities. I humbly ask you to join me, Richinel Brug on this journey along with the URSM.

It is high time we bring Integrity Honesty and Competence to the floor of Parliament.

Brug Richinel -Confirmation-032023-054.jpg

About Richinel Brug

Brug, a civil servant in the Ministry of Education for almost a decade, served as a member of the Cabinet of the former Minister of Justice, Mr. Raphael Boasman. He also worked in Parliament in the capacity of senior policy officer in the faction of former Vice President of Parliament, Mr. Romain Laville. During his tenure in Parliament, he played an intricate role in the initial researching and structuring process to create the “Healthfast” Breakfast Program that provided breakfast to children in all Public Schools.

Important work contributed to while in Parliament faction:

Pelican Saga Legislation

In addition, Brug worked on several motions passed on the floor of Parliament. One very important motion Brug worked on tirelessly as a senior policy officer in Parliament, was the motion passed on April 17th, 2013. This motion was a result of the mass layoffs during the Pelican Saga. The motion instructed the then Minister of Labor to amend the labor laws governing Sint Maarten to include an article on the protection of employees and their rights by transfer of ownership of a company, as is done in the Netherlands, in accordance with the then Book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code, title 10, section B, Articles 662-666 (“rechten van werknemers bij overgang”). This motion was presented in Parliament in 2013 and went into effect on October 1st, 2022! 

School Breakfast program

During his tenure in Parliament, he played an intricate role in the initial researching and structuring process to create the “Healthfast” Breakfast Program that provided breakfast to children in all Public Schools. The program lasted from 2014-2018.






He contributed to two draft MOUs. A MOU between the Government of Dominica and Sint Maarten, providing five free scholarships for Sint Maarten students to study medicine and agriculture in Dominica and Cuba. A second MOU between Newark, New Jersey and the Government of Sint Maarten, providing In-State tuition for our students to study at Rutgers University.

District cleaning project

Brug also worked on the District Cleaning project leading to the restructuring of the entire garbage contract in Sint Maarten. This allowed our young men in the different neighborhoods an opportunity to partake in cleaning projects.

Resume Richinel Brug

Work Experience: 

2015 – Present             Ministry of Education Culture Youth and Sport

                                      Inspectorate of Education “Truancy Inspector”

                                      Responsible for enforcing Compulsory Education Law, to                                           ensure that all stakeholders (Parents, Students, Educational                                       Institutions ,Government agencies) uphold their                                                           responsibilities.


2016 – 2017                  Cabinet of Justice Minister the Honorable Rafael Boasman

                                      Policy Advisor

                                      Special assignment overseeing all issues related to the                                               prison. First point of contact for all walk-in clients that                                                 needed assistance with justice related matters.  


2014 – Present             Winter Garden Bar & Restaurant N.V. – St. Maarten (owner)


2012 – 2014                  Office of Member of Parliament Romain Laville

                                      Senior Policy Advisor / Office Manager

                                      Responsible for managing the daily operation of the office,                                       which included preparation for meetings, researching and                                         analyzing drafted policies/laws, and drafting motions.                                                 Develop and maintain positive working relationships with                                           both profit and non-profitable organizations, and                                                       government agencies.


2009 – 2012                  Freelance - Communication Consultant

                                      Specialized in developing Internal and external                                                           communication plans.

2004 - 2008                   The Grand Sofitel Demeure Hotel – Amsterdam,                                                         Netherlands 

                                      Banqueting Operations team leader

                                      This position involved dealing with customers on a day-to-                                         day basis. Responsibilities included attending to clients’                                             requests, up-selling the company’s product and services,                                           charging accounts and preparing daily work plan. I also                                             trained and supervised new staff with regard to work                                                   procedures and guest satisfaction.


2005 – 2006                  Intern INHOLLAND University – Diemen, Netherlands

                                      International recruitment officer 

                                      This position involved promoting the institution and its                                               various international courses by attending fairs and                                                     organizing information sessions. Responsibilities included                                         effectively answering candidates’ questions and concerns,                                         testing and interviewing candidates and handling                                                       correspondences. I helped to improve the marketing                                                 strategy to attract more diverse (nationality) candidates. 


2000-2001                   Antilles Banking Corporation – St. Maarten 

                                    Customer service officer 

Management & Entrepreneurial Experience:

2014 – Present            Winter Garden Bar & Restaurant N.V. – St. Maarten (owner)

2014                           St. Maarten Food Bank Foundation; Founder and President                                       of the  Board

Educational Background:

2010                             Political Science course, St. Maarten University & labor law,                                        Stitching Educa, St. Maarten 

2002 - 2007                  Bachelor of Communication Management, INHOLLAND                                            University, Diemen, Netherlands

1998 - 2000                  International Business Management Studies, Hanze Hogeschool                 (HBO), Groningen, Netherlands

1993 - 1998                  Business Studies, St. Maarten Academy (HAVO)

                                     Additional Course


English                         Professional Working Proficiency 

Dutch                           Limited Working Proficiency

Papiamentu                 Mother tong 

Spanish                        Limited Working Proficiency


                                      -  Effective team builder with the proven ability to empower                                          and coach employees and young people to maximize                                                their potential in a work environment /educational                                                      institution   

                                      -  Skill in advising and mediate complaints                                                                      Diplomatic communicator who works well independently                                          and as part of a team

                                      -  Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

Community Service:

Judo                                    Self Defense instructor Responsible of training and coaching                                     adults and children. Instilling Discipline and Good                                                       sportsmanship. 

VKS                               St. Maarten Voluntary Corps; Rank: First Class Soldier

                                              Responsibility to assist the various law enforcement agencies                                     such as; Police, Immigrations, Customs, Coast Guard and                                           Prison Guard in the area of detecting violations and illegal                                         situations or activities then to take corrective measures.


Food Bank                St. Maarten Food Bank Foundation; Founder and President                                       of  the Board

                                  The St. Maarten food is an organization that provides                                                 additional food supplies to the less fortunate especially single                                   parents and senior citizens. Responsible for the overall                                               activities of the foundation. 

 Sint Maarten             Served as Faction leader of the Sint Maarten delegation as a            Youth Parliament      a teenager.


Youth parliament pic.jpg
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